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Cosmopolitan Contouring: The 5-Star Experience to Rejuvenate Your Appearance

Cosmopolitan Contouring: The 5-Star Experience to Rejuvenate Your Appearance

At Cosmopolitan Contouring, we can deliver a variety of very useful and often essential services to help revitalize the way you look, so you can feel really good about yourself again. Self-confidence is something that can't really be over-rated, because it comes into play in all our social interactions, and in how we feel about ourselves.

That's another thing we can offer at our medical spa in Lorton, VA, and it's something precious that you can take with you wherever you happen to go in life. We have provided services such as laser hair removal, facial remodeling, CoolSculpting, PCA peels and facials, and laser skin tightening and resurfacing to our appreciative clients.

We always make a point of going the extra mile to ensure that all our clients receive the very best personal treatment, and that their goals and expectations are met. As a result, we routinely earn very high marks for the work we do, and for the service we provide. Of course, we're very appreciative of this, because we understand that customer testimonials are one of the best vehicles for convincing others to try our services.

But these rave reviews don't just come about by accident - we do everything in our power to make sure all clients are totally satisfied with the results of whatever service they're receiving. Here are some of the testimonials provided by our grateful clients.

What patients are saying about us

"Love this place and the wonderful staff. I’m having a series of laser treatments done, and beautiful Hani is so gentle and she explains what she is doing. The gentleman at the front desk is very efficient and accommodating and he takes good care of all the customers with kindness and understanding. He has a lot of knowledge and he happily imparts his knowledge to the customers. The facility is sparkling clean and comfortable, and this is the place to go for laser and other beauty treatments. You’ll be glad you did. I’m really looking forward to my next treatment." - Rebecca S.

"Very easy scheduling appointments and check-in procedures. Very clean and modern office. The most friendly and professional staff, and the best part is that we got perfect results!" - Tiffany T.

"Fantastic and friendly service! It was my first time getting laser hair removal done, and Caroline was friendly and knowledgeable. She walked me through every step and kept up light conversation so I didn’t feel uncomfortable when the procedure started. I then checked out with the owner who was sitting behind the front desk, and he was also super friendly and we chatted for over 20 minutes. Would highly recommend this location! It’s very clean with state-of-the-art machinery, and the staff is amazing!" - Isabel Z.

"I LOVE this spa! The building and office are beautiful. The staff are friendly, professional, and experienced. The technicians make the services so effortless. My first time doing laser hair removal and I started with my underarms. I had Liz as my technician and she was incredible. I felt no pain and the whole process went by very quickly. I purchased a full body package afterwards and will be doing the skin tightening and chemical peels next! Check this place out - it’s definitely the best in Lorton!" - Shari M.