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How to Use CoolSculpting to Help Keep Your New Year's Resolution

How to Use CoolSculpting to Help Keep Your New Year's Resolution

If you're one of those people who resolved to lose weight and have a trimmer version of yourself for 2022, you may already be bogged down with a lack of progress. It happens quite often that even the best intentions and execution get discouraged by a lack of progress - but don't give up! If those last few pockets of fat are hanging on stubbornly, there's still a way for you to make a breakthrough and get rid of them. Coolsculpting is a procedure that was literally developed for just such situations, and it can work for you too.

What is Coolsculpting?

At its core, Coolsculpting is a process which eliminates pockets of fat, using an FDA-cleared, non-invasive approach that requires no downtime and no recovery time on the part of a patient. Because there are several areas on the body that are difficult to target with exercise alone, this procedure can be a godsend at going after specific areas that need improvement. It involves using a super-cooling agent that's aimed right at the stubborn pocket, and this operates on the fat cells directly beneath the skin layer.

This will cause those fat cells to die off, and after that your body's natural processes will eliminate the dead fat cells so you can achieve your objectives. The cooling process produces no scars whatsoever, and because the entire procedure is non-invasive, you can resume your daily activities right after the session has ended. It may take several days for your body to eliminate those fat cells, but once that's been accomplished, you'll be rid of them forever and you'll start looking and feeling great.

Using Coolsculpting to maintain your resolutions

One of the biggest reasons that people abandon their New Year's resolutions is that they fail to see continuing progress, and this is very true of resolutions involving weight loss. While Coolsculpting is not a weight loss program per se, it can definitely help you get rid of specific pockets of fat in stubborn spots around the body. When you observe the visible success of this fat removal, that can motivate you to continue on with your resolution, so you can get a little further along the path of accomplishing your goals for the year.

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If the scenario described above sounds like you, it will be worth your while to contact us at Cosmo Contouring in Lorton, VA. Now is an especially good time to get in touch because we are offering a 50% discount on a package of eight Coolsculpting sessions. That should be all you need to get rid of unwanted fat around the body, and help you achieve the kind of slimmed-down body you want for the spring and summer weather ahead.

Contact us today with any questions you have about the process, or to set up an initial consultation so we can begin the Coolsculpting process with you. In just a few weeks, you'll be leaner and slimmer, and you'll be back on track for accomplishing your New Year's resolutions!