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Meet Evoke by InMode, Our New Facial Remodeling Service

Meet Evoke by InMode, Our New Facial Remodeling Service

When patients come to us with a request for a facial makeover, we can now offer them the latest non-invasive technology for accomplishing exactly that. Evoke is a hands-free kind of facial remodeling platform that leaves a person looking revitalized and more youthful. That youthful elasticity is what most people are seeking when they look for facial remodeling.

At Cosmopolitan Contouring of Lorton, VA, we specialize in body contouring and facial remodeling, to help all our clients look and feel their best. Contact us if you're looking to create a better version of yourself, one that is reminiscent of who you were at a younger age.

The benefits of Evoke

The Evoke system features a number of hands-free applicators that are capable of delivering bipolar radiofrequency energy to the primary facial areas, e.g. the cheeks, jawline, and the neck area. This radiofrequency energy had the ability to penetrate deeply into the skin, and to warm up the Fibro Septal Network (FSN). Keeping a constant temperature, Evoke is thus able to remodel the subdermal tissue as well as the dermis itself, in order to promote greater definition and vitality to those areas of the face.

With this one device, we are able to deliver a whole range of personalized facial aesthetic treatments to our clients who have requested them. Since it is not necessary for the patient and the caregiver to be in close proximity during treatment, this amounts to an ideal way to deliver treatment while maintaining social distancing and protecting the health of patients. That means patients can receive the treatments they want, without endangering themselves in any way, in terms of exposure to other persons.

Treatment for the face and neck

Evoke is the very first non-invasive and hands-free device for treating the face and neck. It can successfully be used to treat the cheeks, the jowls, the neck, and the submental areas of the neck.

The technology relies on the power of radiofrequency energy to bring about a transformation in these areas, that will have you wondering if you've discovered the Fountain of Youth. During the process, facial and neck tissue are actually remodeled into tighter, more youthful looking tissue that you probably haven't seen in a while.

Efficient use of time

On top of the benefits it provides for patients, Evoke also provides some nice perks for the shop owner. While a patient is being treated with the Evoke system, you can be working with other patients on other issues. The fact that Evoke is fully programmable allows you to set it and forget it, while moving on to assist another client in your clinic.

If you own a clinic that keeps you hopping throughout the day with tons of clients, this is the perfect device for accomplishing a significant achievement with one patient, while you're actually serving someone else. Your patient will be ecstatic with the results of the Evoke remodeling, and you'll be happy because you're twice as productive.