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Why Coolsculpting Works and the Science Behind It

Why Coolsculpting Works and the Science Behind It

According to a recent CDC report, nearly 40% of all adults in this country are obese, and this is an astonishing fact considering that it's fairly close to being half of all adults in the United States. Many people have tried to lose weight through dieting, and have been successful to some extent, but research shows that most people will eventually regain virtually all of the weight they lost when dieting.

If you're seeking a permanent solution to fat loss, there are other options besides dieting. CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure which uses a controlled cooling method to freeze fat from the body. The focus of this procedure is not so much on weight loss as it is on ridding the body of unwanted fat cells.

Here is why CoolSculpting is so effective at removing fat from the body.

Why CoolSculpting is so effective

The technology behind CoolSculpting is known as cryolipolysis, and this is a process in which fat cells are targeted using extreme cold to freeze them. It results in the breakdown of fat cells, and since they are more sensitive to cold than your skin would be, these fat cells can be frozen, while surrounding tissues remain untouched and unharmed.

It's important that the process be administered by a trained professional in order to achieve the kind of favorable results you're looking for. The lipids within fats crystallize at temperatures which are warmer than the water in other cells situated throughout your body. The CoolSculpting process is administered very gently and very slowly, so you won't be uncomfortable, and so the exact right areas and fat layers get the desired focus.

After the procedure

After CoolSculpting has been performed on a patient, you probably won't notice any immediate results, and you won't walk out of the clinic immediately 20 pounds thinner. The process is gradual but extremely effective, but it's necessary to have the fat cells die off, and then get eliminated by the body's immune system.

Over a period of time, the body will shed all these dead fat cells, and that will appear as though you are gradually losing weight by some natural method. It can take as long as three months in order to see the results you're hoping for. The FDA has approved CoolSculpting as a safe procedure when performed on at least nine different areas throughout the body.

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