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Why Fall and Winter are the Best Time for Your Laser Hair Removal

Why Fall and Winter are the Best Time for Your Laser Hair Removal

Summer is a great time for almost everyone, with all the wonderful outdoor activities like swimming, baseball games, cookouts, and all the fairs and festivals which pop up all around the country. Of course, when you're out in public or even with family and friends, that means you'll want to look your best and not have rogue hairs showing up on your body.

With autumn on the horizon, you won't have to worry so much about visible hairs, because you'll probably discard your shorts and tank tops in favor of blue jeans and jackets. That makes autumn one of the best times for hair removal, and if you'd like that hair removal to be more or less permanent, the best way to go would be laser hair removal.

Why summertime isn't as good

Without a doubt, you'll spend much more time outdoors in the summer than any other time of year. However, if you have been thinking about laser hair removal, you'll need to be aware of the fact that your skin cannot be exposed to direct sunlight for between two and four weeks prior to treatment. If you're thinking of hair removal on your face and legs, summer would not be the best time to undergo treatment.

It's true that going out into the sun after laser hair removal, you could develop hypo-pigmentation or hyper-pigmentation, which will leave either white or brown spots visible on the areas which were treated. Generally speaking, your skin will be very sensitive after treatment, and any areas exposed to laser hair removal should not be exposed to sunlight for about a month.

Why autumn is the best time

Because it's much colder during autumn and winter, you won't be getting nearly as much exposure to the sun outdoors. Even when you do go out, you'll probably be covered from head to toe, so it's much easier to protect any skin which has been treated with laser hair removal. Keep in mind that it's likely you will need several laser hair removal sessions, which will be spaced apart by four or six weeks.

That means you have to protect your skin the entire time that you're going through treatment, and for about a month after the last treatment. The reason that several sessions would be necessary is because the hairs on your body are always developing in different stages. This means you may get the majority of those hairs in the very first session, but other hairs will be in different developmental stages, and will still be growing afterward.

In order to catch all the hairs at whatever phase of development they're in, several sessions will be necessary. It may literally take several months for you to go through an entire cycle of laser hair removal treatment, and that means fall and winter are by far the best times to choose, simply because it will be easier to protect your skin.

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