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Your Guide to Getting Summer Abs with Coolsculpting

Your Guide to Getting Summer Abs with Coolsculpting

Everyone wants to look their best for summertime, because that's when you're outdoors a whole lot more, and there will even be some leisure time spent at the beach or by your backyard pool. For those occasions, it would be great to show off your chiseled abs, and enjoy the stares you get from passersby.

If that seemed a little out of reach in the past, it doesn't have to be now, because now you can take advantage of coolsculpting, a process which eliminates fat from stubborn areas on your body, without having to undergo surgery and the downtime associated with it.

The science of coolsculpting

It is known that fat cells will freeze at higher temperatures than the surrounding cells, so coolsculpting uses this higher temperature to freeze fat cells. They crystallize and die, and then will be transported out of the body by normal processes. The process works on all the most stubborn areas that resist trimming down, such as the tummy, hips, thighs, and yes, the abs. Once the dead fat cells are eliminated from your body, you'll look and feel your best, and you'll be ready to head to the beach and show off a little.

Eliminating belly fat is important from more than just a cosmetic standpoint, because as any healthcare professional can tell you, carrying extra fat on your belly can lead to a number of medical conditions. Chief among these are cardiovascular problems, diabetes, an increased risk of stroke or heart attack, and the limitations that being overweight always places on a person. So if you choose to undergo coolsculpting for the abdomen, not only will you look much better, but you can count on making yourself healthier in the process.

Why choose coolsculpting?

You'll love the fact that coolsculpting is a totally non-invasive process, and can be done on an outpatient basis. That means no recovery time is needed, and since each session takes less than 30 minutes, you can even squeeze it in on your lunch hour. It also targets only fat cells, because they can be frozen at a higher temperature than other healthy cells.

Although it is not classified as a weight-loss treatment, it does result in a permanent reduction of the fat from any area being treated. Perhaps best of all, the process is 100% safe, and can be used on anyone, so regardless of your background, you will be considered a good candidate for the process.

Coolsculpting at Cosmopolitan Contouring

If you happen to live anywhere in the region around Lorton, VA, you're in luck, because Cosmopolitan Contouring is a clinic where you can avail yourself of as many sessions as you need to get ready for summer. And there's never been a better time, because for this month the clinic is running a special that will help you achieve everything you need to.

When you purchase a package of eight treatments, you can take 50% off the normal purchase price. That means you can get those summer abs ready, and only pay half the going rate for it!